Humane Society

My link to the Humane Society explains why they say that cats should be kept inside the house. This excellent article also covers other important cat safety advice.

Cat Safety - Humane Society

Grandpa's Cat Door

My grandfather sells a cat door called CATHOLE.  It is like mine except it has wooden frames.


CAT CHAT with Caren and Cody

This is a great blog!  Caren is very creative and has a tremendous following.  She researches a lot of cat products.

Caren and Cody

E-mail me

I enjoy hearing from customers and people who are interested in my product.

My YouTube

This is a really cute YouTube.  My cousin Daniel is the "star actor".


To order a CAT-DOOR

You can order online through PayPal. (just click the Buy Now button below)  If you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal will allow you to use most any credit card.  My CAT-DOOR is only $24.95.  I charge $8.00 for shipping and handling for any quantity ordered.   I ship the next business day after I receive the order using the US Postal Service Priority Mail.

I also ship internationally using "1st. Class International" mail. I charge $14 USD to Canada and $16 USD to other countries.  This normally takes 3 weeks.