This is how my CAT-DOOR is installed..........

install cat door1

Mark the BOTTOM of the door with an "X".

Have a helper hold the door for you.

(hint - shim under the door with a magazine)



Remove hinge pins
Use a flat screw driver and a hammer.

Tap upward on the hinge-pin heads to loosen the pins.

Remove the bottom pin first.

Remove the top pin last.


install cat door 3

Remove the door.

Set the door on saw horses.

Three chairs can also be used.
     one under the top of the door
     two under the sides near the bottom
     We put towels on the chairs


install cat door 4

Cut out the TEMPLATE along the dashed line.

Fold the TEMPLTE on the solid line.

Trace hole outline

Place the Template on the bottom of the Door.

Check for alignment & Trace Around the Template.

Tape the Saw Plate

Darken the hole outline - this will make it easier to see when you are sawing

You may want to tape the saw plate.

This will prevent scratching the door.

Saw around the Marked Cut Out

Always wear safety glasses before using a power tool. 

Check the underside of the door to make sure nothing is in the way (including the saw cord).

Carefully saw along the dark line.

tighten the four screws

Put one frame on each side of the door.

Attach them with the four screws (provided).

Two screws are inserted from each side of the door.

Tighten each screw one turn and go to the next - until all are snug.

Do not over tighten the screws - only enough to hold the frames in place.

Insert the plugs and the brush

Insert the four plugs (provided).

Insert the brush -the tabs on the back of the brush lock into the bottom screws

Reinstall hinge pins

With your helper, reinstall the door.

Carefully align the hinges so the pins can be inserted.

Insert top pin first.

Insert bottom pin last.

Tap the pins in with a hammer.

Finished CAT-DOOR

Enjoy your new CAT-DOOR !!

Some cats require a little coaxing with food.

Others will fly through it for fun!

I have included a copy of the Instruction Sheet & the Template that come with my CAT DOOR  
.... click here to see them.

Cat Door Installation Sheet

Cat Door Hole Template

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