Won't bugs get in?

Many people think of a pet door or cat door being used to let the animal in and out of the house.  My cat door is only used inside the house and therefore it does not need to have a flap. The purpose of my cat door is to let you hide the litter box behind a closed door.  The litter box can be hidden in a basement, a spare closet or in a laundry room. Some people also use my cat door to allow kitty to get into other rooms where the door is normally closed - like bedrooms and bathrooms.







To order a CAT DOOR

You can order online through PayPal. (just click the Buy Now button below)  If you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal will allow you to use most any credit card.  My CAT DOOR is only $24.95.  I charge $8.00 for shipping and handling for any quantity ordered.   I ship the next business day after I receive the order using the US Postal Service Priority Mail.

I also ship internationally using "1st. Class International" mail. I charge $14 USD to Canada and $16 USD to other countries.  This normally takes 3 weeks.