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This CAT DOOR will help you have a more pleasant home !


My Fisrt CustomerThis cat door will hide the kitty's litter box. You can install it in a basement, laundry room, or even a spare closet door. With the door closed, kitty will still be able to get in and out. Large dogs and toddlers will not.

This cat door also has a brush that fits inside it. The brush will pick up loose cat hair. This will help keep cat hair off your furniture and floors. The brush comes out easily for cleaning.

The arch frames are very attractive. They are made of durable ABS plastic, and have a pretty matte-white finish. See some of my customer photos and testimonials for this cat door.

This cat door is easy to install.  It comes with clear instructions and all of the fasteners needed.

My product is 100% Made in the USA !

This cat door is attractive and helps you have a more pleasant house!  It hides the litter box and you will have less cat hair around.

To Order a CAT DOOR

You can order online through PayPal. (just click the Buy Now button below)  If you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal will allow you to use most any credit card.  My CAT DOOR is only $24.95.  I use Priority Mail and charge $7.00 for shipping and handling for any quantity ordered in the US.  I ship internationally using First-Class International mail.  I ship the next business day after I receive an order